Wooden Life Cycles


All living things have interesting life cycles.

These beautifully illustrated 4 piece sets of Life Cycle sequence cards cover 6 different life cycles including the bean plant, butterfly, chicken, frog, human and sea turtle.

This game will encourage conversation and help your child to see nature differently.

The illustrated information leaflet gives many interesting facts and will help your child learn new and exciting nature words and facts.

Age 5+.

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In the box
• 24 Wooden life cycle cards
• Illustrated information guide

Life Cycles covered in this set
• Bean Plant
• Butterfly
• Chicken
• Frog
• Human
• Sea Turtle


A child who connects with nature always has heaps of questions. Learning about life cycles provides a great opportunity to share and discuss valuable information while developing many life skills.

Encourage your child to select one of the six life cycles provided in this pack and sequence the cards in the correct life cycle development order.

The information leaflet will provide you with both general information and interesting facts about each life cycle. Use these as learning and discussion points.

Experiments are a hand-on manner of learning and understanding. Grow your own bean plant, in cotton wool, and see it’s a life cycle in action. Discuss the daily changes and developments, using the vocabulary supplied in the information leaflet.

Investigate the life cycle of other animals and plants. Compare the life cycles, looking for similarities and differences.

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