ScienceWiz : Light Wavewiz


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Ages 6 to 12, 40 page science book with materials.
25 Activities
Split light into a cascade of rainbows
Make a kaleidoscope
Mold lenses
Make a microscope and telescope
Capture a shadow
Construct a pinhole camera
Bounce, bend and blend light
Play the “I Spy” game with mirrors
Solve filter puzzles
Bounce, bend, and blend light.
Requires a 1.5 volt D cell battery
Learn about the fundamentals of light: lenses, reflection, refraction, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, and the speed limit of the universe in this ScienceWiz™ classic.
Ann Einstein, M.A.T., editor’s note: I combined the projects in this kit with ongoing art lessons, thus blending the topics. The book was extremely useful because children could do the science projects independently or in small groups. I would set the book out on a table with the selected materials for that day’s lesson. The autonomy sets children free to make their own discoveries and have fun while internalizing the concepts.


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