Map Of South Africa Puzzle 17PC


This beautifully illustrated wooden puzzle of South Africa will help your child learn about South Africa.

Features all 9 provinces and neighbouring countries, the capital city of each province, main industries found each province, the 2 bordering oceans and countries.

Measures 300 x 300mm when completed.

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In the box
• 17 Piece wooden puzzle
• A4 full-colour copy poster
Size: 300 x 300mm.

Benefits of Building Puzzles
• Hand-eye coordination – manipulating the puzzle pieces helps the eyes, hands and fingers work together in coordinated movements.
• Visual discrimination – puzzle pieces are sorted, matched and grouped according to colour, line and shape. In this way the child’s ability to notice similarities and differences is enhanced.
• Position and direction – puzzle pieces have to be turned until they are placed in the correct position. If incorrectly placed, the pieces will not fit together.
• Focussing and concentrating – the child needs to be able to concentrate if he or she is to complete the puzzle.
• Part/whole relationships – the child will learn that a whole picture is made up of a number of smaller parts – an important life and learning skill.
• Problem solving – the jigsaw puzzle is a ‘problem’ that requires solving and there is only one way to solve it, the correct way. We know your child will enjoy solving this problem.
• Language skills – learning basic words from puzzles and extending theme discussions based on the puzzle will develop new vocabulary.

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