Klank- en Spelboek 1


This book may not be copied, scanned, nor duplicated in any way. A book must be purchased for each learner.


An indispensable book to improve learners’ ability to read, write and spell. It provides an opportunity for pupils to write and memorize words daily, and to be tested on the entire week’s words on Fridays. All the words and sounds are CAPS compliant, providing the perfect complement to the classroom curriculum for Grade 1. Learners start off by practicing to read and write sounds, and then words are introduced. The book focuses on specific words each day, guiding learners to spell the words and then complete activities to reinforce them.

This book can be used from Grade 3 onwards when teaching Afrikaans as an additional language.

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Code: WI-KSB1
ISBN: 9781776082292
Size: A4
Length: 52 pages
Language: Afrikaans

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