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A5 Phonic work books

Each book in this series contains:

Stories written in a carefully designed logical phonic sequence.

Comprehension excersises which encourage reading with understanding.

Wordbuilding activities to consolidate phonic rules and help extend reading and written vocabulary.

Language programmes to increase language experience and verbal accuracy.

Perceptual training activities to develop skills required for effective reading and written word.

Book 1 (Bad Fat Cat) : Short vowels – a, e, i, o, u and consonants

Book 2 (Jim and the fish) : Digraphs – sh, ch, ck, th, wh, ng Trigraph – tch

Book 3 (Smokey the dragon) : Consonent blends – r-blends, l-blends, s-blends, str, spr, scr, spl, squ, tw, sw

Book 4 (Holidays) : Word endings – Final blends : nd, nk, nt, xt, ft, mp. Lonely ff, gg, zz. Lonely ll. Final blends lk, lt, lp, lf, lb. Lonely ss. Final blends st, sk, sp. Revision of initial and final blends.

Book 5 (My fun book) : a says au – ball. a says ah – raft. a with final blends, digraphs and trigraphs ss, sp, st, sk, ft, nt, th, nch.

Book 6 (Off we go) : Magic ‘e’ : A silent -e- occurs when one syllable of a word has two vowels with a consonant between. cake, complete, nine, rose, tube.

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