indoor activities for kids

Keeping little people entertained is not always the easiest task, especially when you’re on a budget. But playing indoors doesn’t always have to be all doom and gloom and there’s actually quite a lot of cost effective indoor activities to consider. Use these fun activities to learn the child without him knowing it.

Play Dough

Play dough can keep your kids busy for hours, and while it might seem like a messy option, the happy faces make it all worth while. It is very good for fine motor skills to manipulate the dough in different ways. Press the dough flat with your hands and use the roller to make the dough even. Use our wide variety cookie cutters to make animals, fruit, shapes and insects. Let the child tell you what he is making and count the items he made. Make little eggs for a bird nest or roll long strips to build the nest. You can also use the syringes for different textures.


If mom or dad are keen bakers, why not get the kids involved? Whip out that stepping stool, get baking and everyone can enjoy the yummy treats thereafter. Our cookie cutters are great for different cookies. Use these different cookies to give grandma a present she won’t forget.

Drawing / Painting

Get those creative juices flowing! Pull out the crayons and water paint, throw down some newspaper and let your kids’ Da Vinci personalities shine bright! We stock paint, brushes, chalk, wax crayons, finger paint and a lot more to make your job easier. You can use a flip file to store these precious painting and drawings or decorate their bedroom with their masterpieces.


Majority of children adore puzzles. Sit down with your little one and build it with them. Learn them to sort the pieces first. All the frame pieces together and all the inner pieces together. Then you build the frame and fill it with the inner pieces. If the puzzle has a lot of pieces, you can sort the pieces for example by colour. If there are yellow flowers, take all the yellow pieces and see if you can complete the flowers etc.

Games for all

Children love it to play games! We have a wide variety of games for big and small. Decide on one afternoon or evening of the week and make it a games night. Make some pizza and spend some quality time together. This is excellent to learn children to socialize, work with others, that it’s okay to loose and how to solve problems.

These fun activities will definitely shorten the day!            

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