Wooden Car : Plane


Let your toddler unleash his creative fantasy play with each of our 7 wooden vehicles.

Each vehicle is quality crafted from wood, is hand-painted and contains moving wheels.

The range includes an aeroplane, ambulance, bakkie/pick-up truck, fire engine, police car, sports car and taxi-bus

Each vehicle is sold separately.

Age 2+.

20 in stock

PLEASE NOTE: Actual products may contain different packaging than displayed on our website, however the contents of the products are not affected.

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The range includes an aeroplane, ambulance, bakkie/pick-up truck, fire engine, police car, sports car and taxi-bus

Benefits of Playing with Vehicles:
Cars are some of the oldest classic toys that children have ever played with and are perfect for children of all ages.
Imagination – dramatic play, the kind of play that happens when children play with cars, helps develop a child’s imagination as they encounter creative, imagined scenarios with their cars and other children.
Communication – playing with dolls as well as their friends, children run into new and unique situations for their games. Communicating between one another can strengthen their vocabulary by filling it with practical language. In this way, they discover the world around them. There’s also an expansion of vocabulary. Don’t be surprised if your child learns everything from colours, and numbers, to car parts, like wheels, windshield, doors, steering wheel, seat belt, to name a few, all from games with toy cars.
Motor Skills – ideal for the development of fine motor skills, as there’s a strengthening of hand-eye coordination when building and repairing cars. There’s also the development of gross motor skills, improving the coordination and strength of the whole body when driving around.
Social Skills – children imitate us, taking information in like sponges, remembering things we say that they later use in the play, so playing with cars has to do with imaginative play as well, and the development of social skills as it’s the kind of play that more people could participate in. What better way to bond with your child than with joining the car play?
Responsibility – by learning important social skills at an early age, children are learning responsibility as well. They learn how to take care of a car by playing with it. Learning this skill can help children learn to care for their pets, or older siblings more readily understand how to care for their younger siblings.

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