Skinkbord Legkaart Afrikaans Kleinletters


Wie wil die alfabet leer met die A-, B-, C-lied?

Leer om die letters van die alfabet te herken.

‘N hout skinkbord legkaart met 26 kleurvolle stukkies en begin bypassende Afrikaanse woorde.

Selfkorrigerende stukke met ‘n gidsbeeld onder elke stuk.

Ouderdom 18+ maande.

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Bord grootte: 300 x 220mm.

Tray puzzles teach children to pick up and grasp pieces.
They also aid in the development of:
hand-eye coordination – is enhanced through the ‘trial and error’ process as the child manipulates each piece to fit in the puzzle.
fine-motor skills – are the key to everyday use of the pincer grip needed for picking up items, feeding yourself, tying your shoelaces, handwriting, and so on.
cognitive skills – help develop problem-solving skills by increasing special awareness, learning part-whole relationships, as well as letter and number recognition.
language skills – children learn number and letter sounds, new vocabulary words, counting words, etc.

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