Peg Puzzle – Seun Afrikaans 6pc


Leer jou liggaamsdele terwyl jy aantrek en uittrek.

‘N pragtig geïllustreerde A4-hout knoppielegkaart met Afrikaanse lyfwoorde en 6 stukke.

Ekstra groot houtknoppe is maklik vir klein hande om te gryp.

Selfkorrigerende stukke met ‘n gepaardgaande gidsprent onder elke stuk.

Ouderdom 12-18 maande.

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Skinkbord grootte: 210 x 297mm.

Kurrikulumvriendelike tema.

Peg puzzles teach children to pick up and grasp pieces.
They also aid in the development of:
hand-eye coordination – is enhanced through the ‘trial and error’ process as the child manipulates each piece to fit in the puzzle.
fine-motor skills – are the key to everyday use of the pincer grip needed for picking up items, feeding yourself, tying your shoelaces, handwriting, and so on.
cognitive skills – help develop problem-solving skills by increasing special awareness, learning part-whole relationships and colour and shape recognition.
language skills – children learn new vocabulary when calling out the names of pieces, colours, shapes, themes, etc.

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