Ruggit Rugby Ball

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Adjustable belt and cord
As we all know catching a rugby ball is awkward at the best of times and general control is also challenging. The unique combination of the adjustable elastic cord and a double swivel lets the Ruggit Rugby Ball come back to the player at a controlled speed, without tangling. This allows the player to, in a smooth move, go from scrum half to fly half to full back. As well as practicing the various methods of kicking and passing.

Durable rugby ball
Practicing passing & kicking is the main thing if you want to improve your skills and performance on the pitch and because of that we sure need a good rugby ball along other equipment. The Ruggit Rugby Ball is durable, made from quality material and is a size 5.

Hand-eye co-ordination
Passing & kicking skills
Promotes fun
Fast results

*Colour of the ball may vary

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