Nuts & Bolts 32pc


Nuts and bolts are highly educational toys for toddlers!

They are new building blocks for developing fine motor skills, concentration, determination and positive thinking.

Made of plastic, they are 100% safe for growing kids.

Available in attractive colours, they can keep toddlers engaged for a long time.

Toddlers learn to develop addition skills with Nuts & Bolts such as • shape and colour recognition • fine motor hand muscle development • concentration • reasoning • creativity.

The 32 pieces are packed in a convenient storage barrel with carrying handle lid.

Age 3+.

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In the container
• 32 Pieces of nuts and bolts

Nut size: ±55mm.
Bolt size: ±40mm.


Let’s see how nuts and bolts for toddlers can help children in learning.

Fine Motor
Nuts and bolt for toddlers is a great toy to develop fine motor skills. Toddlers will grasp the nuts and bolts and must use hand-eye coordination to place a nut onto the bolt. They will need to practice a twisting movement to rotate the nut onto the bolt. This will help to increase strength in the fingers and improve grip.

Nuts and bolts for toddlers will challenge the child to successfully twist the nut onto the bolt. Using the pieces will encourage a focus on the job and perseverence until completion.

The nuts and bolts come in different shapes and sizes. Toddlers will use their cognitive skills to match the pieces by colour, shape and size. With the addition of the other shapes, they will need to figure out how to put them all together. Their design, colour, shape, size and weight are appealing to toddlers.

Children will look at the variety of pieces and will think of the different ways to use them. This open-ended toy encourages toddlers to put together new creations.

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