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Consists of a transparent 110gm PVC ball with a liquid colour that flows inside the ball. When the ball is kicked or thrown not only does it come back to you on the shock cord which is attached around your waist with a quick release webbing belt. The colour also splashes around the ball making it fun (non toxic).

What makes us different?
Moonball makes playing with a toy both educational and fun simultaneously. The unique aspect of the splashing colour through the transparent ball catches the action and imagination of children. This encourages development through play for hours on end.

•Girls and Boys.
•12 months –7 years old.

Product Profile
•110gm transparent PVC ball with nontoxiccolour goo inside.
•Shock cord
•Adjustable webbingbelt
•Transparent Ball –Blue, Green, Red, Purple (colour varies inside)


  • Hand eye coordination
  • Gross motor skills development
  • Muscle development
  • The joy of movement
  • Fun!

The balls are packaged deflated in a tube, and are packed with the satety instructions as well as a soccer ball needle for the ball to be pumped up again using a soccer ball pump or even at the petrol station.

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