Geometric Solid Shapes – Foam


Our set of 8 foam geometric solids in 3 colours allow for quiet demonstration and play.

This EVA set of small geometric solids features 8 shapes and 4 colours.

Each base measure approx. 50mm.

Shapes include a cube, cylinder, cone, cuboid, sphere, pyramid, hexagonal prism and hemisphere.

Instructions are included in Afrikaans and English.

Age 4+.

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In the box
• 8 EVA geometric solids
• Instructions in Afrikaans and English

Explore these maths concepts:
• Sorting and classifying
• Space and shape
• 3D objects and 2D shapes
• Symmetry

Use the Geometric Solids to demonstrate and discuss the following:
• Position: next to, in front of, behind, above, below, left, right
• 2-D shapes: curved / straight lines, number of sides / corners, line of symmetry
• 3-D objects: bases, faces, edges

Geometric solids can be sorted by • colour • base shape • straight / curved sides • stacking ability • number of sides / edges / faces.

Who am I?
Play games using features as clues and let the child deduce the shape / object.
• I have 1 side. My side is curved. I have no corners
• I have 4 sides and 4 corners. My sides are all the same size

Geometric Solids in the Real World
Match your geometric solids to corresponding household items.
Look for examples od 3-D shapes in nature, sports, buildings, etc.

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