Bridging with a smile – Learner Book


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A4 book. Afrikaans as well as English instructions inside for adults. Learner activities do not contain words so it is suitable for any language.

Children learn more and at a greater speed during the pre-school years than at any other time in their lives. That is why the pre-school years are of such vital importance in the educational development of all children.

In order to achieve and be successful in the primary school, the child needs to be well prepared for formal learning.

Bridging with a smile is a programme which is designed to prepare children for formal learning. The work book, with its exciting illustrations and challenging activities, will stimulate every child.

The comprehensive, user friendly, illustrated manual contains a complete anthology of songs and poems, as well as hundreds of practical ideas on the teaching of : language, songs, movement, thinking, reasoning, creativity, life skills, perceptual skills and cognitive development.

Written by two of South Africa’s leading educationalists, the Bridging with a Smile programme will help to bridge the gap between pre-school and primary school in an enjoyable, educationally sound manner.

Age : 4 years +

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